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Monday, November 21, 2011

Vote for The Aafster Life

I'm competing for the Best Diarist Category of the Pakistan Blog Awards 2011. There, I said it. If you've laughed at Solom's grammar, admired how Azfar's tongue is permanently wedged in his cheek, gaped at Imtiaz's exploits and cringed at my bloopers, THE LEAST YOU COULD DO IS VOTE, YEAH.

No really, this is the first time I'm trying for something of this sort and it would mean the world if you could help me get a winning chance at this thing. Here's how:

Go to my nomination page (you can also go through the Awards button at the top right of the blog). Once you're there, scroll down and click on the small, yellow stars to vote. Clicking on the fifth star to the right will give the highest rating. Tada! Easy as... other simple stuff.

If you get that far, please consider sharing the nomination page on as well. Make your vote count: help me win! And let me know if you've voted. I will send you good karma and we'll be happy together. Thanks a bunch, everyone  :-D


  1. i the voted for the post - shaz

  2. Thank you, Shaz :-) Sending positive thoughts your way!

  3. Aaf,
    The last two lines remind me of a similar-phrased song. "Happy Together" :P
    And loads of votes and good karma off your way.
    *golden smoochies*

  4. Who sang that song?? Sunehray pappay accepted with pleasure.

  5. Voted! And I am really grateful to your friend who sent across a link to this entry. I will now stalk and lurk quite religiously. And oh, I hope you win!

  6. Great to have you here, Parul... I'm exceedingly grateful to that friend as well! And thank you for the tweet - much appreciated! *concentrates hard to send positive karma Parul's way*

  7. Hey there,
    love your blog & voted!. My hubby shared your blog link with me earlier today which was shared by your hubby..and all this time you had been on my previous blog's roll
    small world! See you at the blog awards :)

  8. Thank you, Marium! Do our husbands work together? Please spread the word if you like the blog!

  9. i'd rather you thank me by sharing good korma. . .


  10. Hai! Kaash ke tum yahan rehteen!