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Friday, October 5, 2012

Games teachers play

Me: This whole Show and Tell thing at Solom's school is driving me crazy.

Al-Husband: Why?

Me: Because many times they can't remember if he actually did his Show and Tell and when I ask him he'll tell me he did it and then they'll say no he didn't and we'll get him to do it next time and last time they postponed it and then forgot that they rescheduled and wouldn't give me a straight answer as to whether it was happening again on the normal day in that week and I had no idea whether to send the same item again or a new one and... argh.

Al-Husband: Maybe they're saying Show and Tell but they're playing Hide and Seek.


  1. Hi Aafia:
    Really like the play of words between your hubby and you.
    thanks for sharing.

    warm wishes