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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Upon returning from Islamabad

Solom has had an imaginary friend for several months now. His name is Enter.

Solom: Baba, I think Enter is still in Islamabad.
Al-Husband: Won't he get lonely there, without you or Zainoo?
Solom: No. You know, Baba, Enter has two friends in Islamabad.
Al-Husband: Really? Who?
*pause for thought*
Solom: Entry and Exit.


  1. Hahahah. He made Entry from Enter and then said the first thing that came to his mind, Exit, the antonym of Entry.

    Play a word association game with him for a few weeks and you've got a perfectly good Wallaceic-type postmodern novel right there.

  2. I am just glad you (and Solom) have returned to The Aafster Life.

  3. Haha.. that kid will go places. :)