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Friday, January 28, 2011

Conversations with Calliope - Part I

Calliope: why don't you start blogging?

Me: Because it would be a boring as HELL, completely self-absorbed load of crock and no one will want to read it.

C: i'll read it

Me: I have nothing intelligent to say anymore, another thing I hold against my child.

C: it can have pictures
C: it can be about afia and solom taking on texas

Me: The only way in which I've taken on Texas is to install a Muslim shower next to the commode.

C: i have a lota

Me: Yeah, the rest of the bathrooms have lotas.

C: my favorite part of going home is reaching the dubai airport and rediscovering muslim showers

Me: It's SUCH a relief.

C: it's ALWAYS a pleasant surprise
C: "hello, old friend, i just realized how much i've missed you"


  1. Ok I have to reply to this ...when I took Mahnoor to Pakistan in 2005 (she was 5) we stopped in Dubai for a few hours and she asked me why there were showers in the toilets and how do people have a bath--so do they stand over the toilet and where are the towels......aghhhhh --Saapa