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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pick me up before you go, go

Feeling a little low today. Would love to hear some happy stories. O' silent readers and not-so-silent readers, if anything good happened to you recently, please share it. Let's hear something positive.

All Blue, no Wit


  1. Well, I'm going on a totally "random", unplanned trip to Sri Lanka.....and that makes me happy!! And, of course I'm at your place currently and that makes me happy.....although I don't really know what that makes you!?! ;)

  2. My husband is addicted to his stupid PS3. One of our friends (let's call her AHR) had this facebook status: "I regret letting the PS3 enter my home," because her husband is also addicted. The two guys have PS3 dates to play FIFA online together. How weird and pathetic is that?! Anyway, here are our comments on said status:
    Noorulain Noor: "Strategy: I am hiding the PS3 (aka Devil Machine) today until Usman takes care of the endless piles of laundry that have been on my bedroom floor for the last 2 weeks. :) Also had a dream about hammering the Devil Machine to pieces with the FIFA disc still inside. And I can't say no to fantasizing about throwing it from my balcony from time to time. Guess what? It keeps getting worse..."
    AHR: "LOL OMG..noor..we are on the same page!!! tell me how it goesssss!! btw I call it The Mistress"
    Noorulain Noor: "I have transitioned from The Other Woman to Wife Number Three (Shaami is Wife Number Two) to Devil Machine and sometimes when I am really angry...The B*tch."

    So this is how pathetic my life is. How about you?

  3. Oh, and I got an exceptional review and will soon get promoted to become supervisor/manager. That was something good.

  4. Zee, your being at my house makes me VERY happy, trust me!

    Noor, many congrats on your promotion! How cool is this?? And thanks for the side splitting story about the PS3. I still haven't allowed a television in our room, btw.

  5. mine is a nadir story- which i will blog about right after i write it to you :D

    so hes been obsessed with dragons after watching How to Train Your dragon (much reocmmended if you havent seen it- esp for the main character having a voice exactly like puchu!)
    so anyway his fave one is this type that sets himself on fire called the monstrous nightmare.

    so he comes to me and says mama can you guess what i am? and i look at him for clues in what hes wearing (yes we are very detail specific)and say umm dragon? and he says yes but which one mama and im like gronckle? zippleback (all dragon types) and hes like nooo and makes a scary face shouting I AM THE MONSTERS NIGHTWEAR!!!

    i think i had to pick myself up from the floor i laughed so long and much :)

  6. CLASSIC! Lol!

    Btw I watched How to Train Your Dragon with Puccu!

  7. HI there, well i guess this is the first time i have dropped at ur blog and i really loved it....... well.... i was just passing through one of those not so very good days a week back; one of my friends (MR. F) was leaving abroad for good and i was just feeling naustalgic all the time missing college time, even at work all i could think of was how life used to be before work and marriage .......and then i recieve a call from a veryyyy oldd friend of minee(a totally unexpected call), we chat for more then an hour (actually gossip would be the right word about life, & husbands ;) and about work) and this actually made my day. Later i recieved a phn call from the friend too (MR.F) just when he was at the airport as a final good bye and it made me happy that i was one of the few friends he would be wishing the final good bye.

  8. Hey driffi :-)

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing that. I'm always nostalgic about life before the kids! Hooah.