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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two conversations

I think if Thursday could be summed up in two conversations, they would be these:


(In the Gulabo store at Park Towers, browsing through their gorgeous tea-pink silk pants)

Me: Okay, I want these. Where's the large size?

Salesgirl: Ma'am, these are only small and extra small.

Me (jokingly): No hope for me then!

Salesgirl (looking me over): No, Ma'am.


(At home after impromptu shopping blitz at Park Towers)

Me: Aaaaaa, I feel like it's my birthday!!!

(Azfar lying on bed with wet face)

Me: Are you crying?

Azfar: Yes.

Me: Are you adding up the numbers in your head?

Azfar: No. That would take a computer.


  1. Ooooo WHAT did you get?!

  2. Clothes and books! He wasn't actually crying, btw... he'd just washed his face :-D

    Classic response by my friend Naila after reading this entry: Kabhi dollar main kharach kar Kay royaa tha Jo Ab Pak Rs Kay kharchoon pay rooiy ga.

  3. Haha :D

    Yeah, I summed as much. I love impromptu shopping sprees!