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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Odd Couple

Unreal conversation with husband last night.

Azfar: The company has said that it'll send us to Maldives for a vacation. You wanna go?

Me (looking eternally suspicious of anything remotely corporate): Why?

A: If I can see this project through before the end of the year.

Me: Oh. Okay, so it's like a... what do you call it... *dangling hand in air*

A: Punkha.

Me: Punkha?! I meant carrot on a stick.

A: No, no, no stick. No scene like that.

Me: The CARROT is the important part, Azfar.

*second of silence*

A: So, you wanna go?

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  1. Hello;

    I had recently come to your blog after Aneela had recommended it. Had spent a delicious Thanksgiving weekend enjoying the chattpatta flavors of your posts.

    Please do keep writing.

    Warm wishes

  2. Dear Anu, Kitna polite comment likha hai! Zaroor kisi achai school gai hogi.
    Maldives is lovely. Do go before you know it all goes glug glug 20,000 leagues under the sea.

  3. Thank you Anu, you are indeed very polite and kind :-)

    Aneela, was keen to go to Jaipur this January. But now I think Maldives may be a better idea, given its lack of floatability.

    @Manasi: let's see :-)