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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stop the Press

Just when my campaign for the Pakistan Blog Awards is well on its way and for the first time I am actually daring to hope for a good outcome, I have encountered the worst writer's block in history. Ironic, but not entirely surprising when you consider how the rest of my day tends to go. Everyone's been saying, "You need to get back to blogging." "You need to put up another entry," they say. "You need new content for the judges to see." And I want to say, "To kya karoon? Zor lagaoon??"

There is a simple, entertaining idea in the works, but it is taking all my patience and power of imagination to get it to stand on its own, and it may not work even then. As I was telling a friend last night, I think I finally understand how men feel about impotence. And so there is only one thing to do: wait for it!

The Aafster Life is competing in the Best Diarist category of the Pakistan Blog Awards! If you find my troubles and stresses as funny as I hope you do, take a moment to vote! Click on the button at the top right of the blog. Thanks!


  1. heard of our good friend murphy? just when you need the words to spin their magic a la excellence, the block decides to visit.

    dont stress babe. you know when you will finally write an unforced post, it'll make your stat counter reel- and I look fwd to reading that one :D

    also, go talk some more to solom. the nuggets of gold seem to emanate from there!

  2. yes. ask solom what to write about. i want more!

  3. Solom's growing up... he's growing up so fast. I feel an increasing urgency to document absolutely everything as his rationality and sentence construction improve.

  4. Hey my tutor told me there's no such thing as writers block you just have to write on through it. Anything just put words down and eventually (Ididn't say when!) some will make sense (I'm still hoping mine will) I'm Shazaf's mummy in the UK by the way and I love your blog!

  5. Gypsy, what a beautiful blog you have! I am going to send you a private message.