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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Blasphemist

Conversation while trying to put wide-awake Solom to bed after a long, long day.

Me: Okay betay, good night.

Solom: MAMA?

Me: Yes?

S: Solom's go OUT.

Me: Solom will do nothing of the sort. Solom will close his eyes and think of Allah and then Solom will Go. To. SLEEP.  GOOD NIGHT.

S: MAMA!!!


S (holding three fingers out): How many Allahs I have?


  1. John Jani Jannardhan much? Amar Akbar Anthony marathon @mahwash: have you been emailing S links to Manmohan Desai movies?

    Waise he could be doing a Sadequain. Curling his fingers three into Allah

  2. Okay now I have to watch Manmohan Desai movies, evidently. Next movie title: Suleiman Shaitan Sadequain.

  3. oh my god that is JUST adorable! - shaz

  4. @Aneela, main bequsoor hoon huzoor e wala. Qasam se. Although I can't wait to start corrupting the minds of tiny tots.

    School for Scoundrels anyone?

    And I totally get your kid, Aaf. Ummah is sleeping and how many Allahs do people have.

    That kid is a genius.

  5. Ye aaj kal humari aadat hai. *holding out four fingers* "Mama, how many caterpillars I have?" "Uh, betay, zero." *holding up fist* "Zero means NOTHING!!!!"

  6. Uh. A fist just reminds me of our skype conversation yesterday.