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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Evidence-based Approach

Animated dinner-table discussion on the Veena Malik/FHM cover scandal.

Azfar: She's got her arm across her chest so she OBVIOUSLY went topless, otherwise WHY would she pose like that?

Me: Yes but she's saying that that's not her AT ALL, you see. She's saying her head's been photoshopped on top of someone ELSE'S body.

A: Hmm. Then she should release another picture of her body to prove that it's not her.

Me: *staring*

A: What?

Me: Good one, Azfar.

A: No, I didn't mean...

Me: Of course you didn't.

A: Yaar she can take a picture of her stomach, can't she?? NO ONE has the same belly button!


  1. the first comment my husband gave wen he saw Veena malik's pic was..
    "No desi women has a stomach like that, it's not her!"

    *poker face*

  2. Oh noooooooooooo! Hahahahahaha!!!

  3. Zaalimo jawab do. Public proof mangti hai.
    Waise I would have loved to go to the school A did. Where they teach you no two belly buttons are alike. All this snow flakes nonsense is so not relevant to our lives

  4. Veena's reaction was to say that she was a good decent girl who wore a burqa when she went to school.
    waisay, the only thing i'm concerned about is that MY stomach doesn't look like that. hence. need.to.walk.

  5. I hate to say this but that body is too perfect to belong to a desi woman.

    Only people like Heidi Klum can survive looking like Heidi Klum even after six bloody kids.

    I want chocolate. This is just depressing.

  6. Hi Aafia

    When I read the title "An Evidence-based Approach", I was expecting a post on rural development and community health programs.

    Little did I expect that Ms. Mallik would occupy the body of such a headline ;)

    How she managed to be a part of a dinner table conversation (including mine) amazes me.

    Liked your anecdote.:)

    Warm wishes


  7. I have an idea. Let's all grab some chocolate, suck in our tummies and go for a walk, talking about community health and sticking our tongues out to catch snowflakes. :-D

  8. What better way to be welcomed into your own home other than your wife running towards you at 21 knots and screaming: "Veena Malik's done a cover for FHM India.." and then she goes on to hand you the ipad and says: "here! see this."

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Indeed, Fahad, indeed!

  10. i am confused about the technicalities. if i pose naked - flab and all- and then if they photo shop the flab and the chocolate bar in my hand and put in a tattoo saying "dont you wish your GF was hot like me?" on my tummy - can i honestly then say thats not my body?

  11. hahahaha that is awesome :D