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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lost in Translation

Me: Solom, I love you. Do you love Mama?

Solom: Yes.

Me: What do you love about Mama?

Solom: A tiger.

Me: Okay, let me explain. What do I love about you? I love your nose. I love your sweet personality. Now tell me, what do you love about me?

Solom: A globe.


  1. Perhaps he considers you a rather rotund but fierce personality? I would take it. Take whatever you get and hang on to it for dear life. Too soon, they will become too cool to say I love you.

    1. Rotund but fierce! Growwwrrr. Sounds like Hakuna Matata ("slimy but satisfying").

  2. Solom called me Dadi.
    Tiger sounds mighty fine.