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Sunday, March 9, 2014

On school admissions

Me: So Zainoo, we're going to the big school for an interview tomorrow!

Zainoo: Yes.

Me: So if they ask you what your favourite song is, what will you say?

Zainoo: The Dora Goes to Office song.

Me: Dora goes where?? Can you sing it for me?

Zainoo *breaking into song*:

Dora goes to office
And she's not afraid
The car goes dhuzhh!
We have to be careful
Or it will RUN OVER US
It will CRUSH US
And... she dies!

Needless to say, I'm pinning my hopes on our alternative-choice school now.


  1. Lol! I HAVE to hear him sing this. If I were the interviewing teacher, I'd admit him without asking anything else! :)

    1. Zee, he's already claiming ignorance of the song. Smart buoy.

  2. It doesn't matter WHATEVER he said. He will be the CUTEST child there. PERIOD.

    1. Aww thanks! Wish you'd seen that scene playing out, with the teacher running in one direction and Zain in the other. Funniest thing I saw that day.

  3. Zainoo is going to RULE that school one day