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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Badtameez birthday

Conversation between me and our friend Kerry from Islamabad.

Kerry: So how old are you now? 25?

Me: 17! Always 17!

Kerry: 17?! Wow, looks can really be deceiving.


  1. Replies
    1. Y u badtameez 2? From now on I'm going to call you Ferry. Ferry and Kerry.

  2. I ordered a chocolate lava cake in honour of Yiur birthday for dinner yesterday which the 5 yo polished off as HE WAS NOT HUNGRY! I thought of ordering another one so I could get a chance to eat it then thought was I ready to have the boy EAT TWO CAKES bedtime. Hope you had a great one and a chance to eat your cake. AND HAVE IT TOO.

  3. Badtameez dil/ Badtameez dil/ Badtameez dil/ Maanay naa/ Maanay naa/ that 17 is behind me.