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Friday, September 23, 2016

Good training has backfired.

Conversation between me and Zain.

Me: Zaaaaiiiin.

Zain: I love you, Mamaaaa.

Me: Zain, when Mama gets old and sick, will you take care of herrrr?

Zain: Yes, Mama, I will *kiss*

Me: And what if your wife says no, you can't take care of your mother? Will you listen to herrrr?

Zain: Ummm... maybe! Yes, I will!

Me: Why.

Zain: BECAAAUSE, I'm not ONLY the bossk of the home! I'm not the only bossk!

(A faint voice calls along the breeze, "Karmaisabiiiiiitch...")


  1. Afia, your blog is my favourite one. I love how both of us write about our children.

    1. Thanks, Bushri! Was thinking of reinventing it now. Need a place to voice my thoughts on things, and I wonder if I've pigeonholed myself too much here with the motherhood angle. What do you think?

  2. Came here after so long! :D haha love their conversations.

    1. I knooooow! It's completely gone under, this blog. Kind of lost my mojo along the way. Here's hoping it's back!